Great dane (Philipsburg)

I've got some important and yet sad news to share with you all. We're actually looking for a new home for an amazing 1-year-old Great Dane named Spot. He's an absolute sweetheart and has already had all his vaccinations.

Here's the deal: a really close family friend of ours, who was supposed to take care of Spot, is going through a really tough time right now. They're unable to keep him due to a separation and are moving away. It's such a sad situation for Spot.

We're really hoping to find someone who can step in and give Spot the loving home he truly deserves. If you're interested, please message me. Just keep in mind that the person who takes in Spot will need to cover the remaining payments owed for him. We will do a payment plan.

He's been with a 5-year-old his whole life, but remember, he's still just a pup at 1 year old and has loads of energy. Great Danes are total gentle giants, but they're big and can accidentally knock over little kids. He'll need some training to learn how to be calm around the kiddos. As far as I know, he's good with other dogs and cats! But it's still important to remember that when introducing another dog into your home, to take it slow and steady so everything goes smoothly.

Let's all come together and find Spot a forever home where he'll be showered with love and care. If you or anyone you know is ready to welcome this amazing pup into their life, please reach out.

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